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Summer Schedule

Christian Challenge has ongoing ministry events and Bible studies this Summer for college students and those of a similar age. Check out the "Schedules" menu tab for upcoming events.

Bible Study

This Summer we will be studying Apologetics, or learning better how to explain and defend our faith. We will be reading through, "Case For Faith" by Lee Strobel. Come and join us as we dig into the Bible and engage in some lively discussion via Zoom.

Other Fun Activities

In addition to our weekly Bible studies, we have a number of fun activities and events planned. Go to the schedules menu tab and pick your campus to see what activities and events are coming up.

Upcoming Events

7 May

Game Night! 

Come and join us for a night of fun, playing card games via online platforms and hanging out on Zoom.
29 May

The Great Ivy Yank

Come and join us at 10:00am as we pull out some overgrown Ivy and beautify the grounds around Crossroads Community Baptist Church.
30 Jul

Camping and Canoeing

Come and join us for our annual camping and canoe trip down the Pine River near Cadilac.
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Small Groups

Small Groups are an integral part of what we do in Christian Challenge. We believe that God meant for us to live in community and to explore life and pursue Him together.

Small Groups