Christian Challenge Staff


Kevin and his family: Back row Adults: left to right - Brianna and John David; Luke; Jessica and Rob; John Mark; Front row - Kevin and Emily

Hobbies: Reading, video games, Tae Kwon Do, Crossfit, woodworking projects and taking a walk through the forest.

Favorite Verse: 2 Thess 3:13 "And as for you brothers, never tire of doing what is right." NIV

Fun childhood memory: The first time I went fishing. My dad and I took a boat out into the lake and we started fishing. In about a minute I caught my first fish. I caught fish so fast my dad quit fishing and just spent the time putting worms on my hook. In about half an hour I had caught 19 fish. That night in my sleep my parents could hear me calling out, "Dad, I caught another one!"