Fall Schedule:

Thursday  Evenings,  Michigan  League,   1st Floor  Room 4   (Unless  Noted)  7:00pm  -  8:30pm
Join  us  as  we   study   Philippians  and  Colossians  this  semester.
Thurs,  Sept.  5th,  7:00pm,  "Introduction & Greetings,"  Ch 1:1-2  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Fri,  Sept.  6th,  7:00pm,  "Board Game Night,"  -  The  Richardsons
Thurs,  Sept.  12th,  7:00pm,  "Thanksgiving & Prayer,"  Ch 1:3-11  -  Palmer  Commons,  6th  Floor,  Board  Room  5  
Fri,  Sept.  13th,  5:30pm,  "Barn  Party,"  -  Strong's Farm  near  Chelsea
Thurs,  Sept.  19th,  7:00pm,  "Paul's  Circumstances,"  Ch 1:12-26  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Thurs,  Sept.  26th,  7:00pm,  "Exhortations,"  Ch 1:27-2:18  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Fri - Sun,  Sept.  27th - 29th,  7:00pm,  "Fall  Retreat,"  -  Sommerset  Beach  Campground
Thurs,  Oct.  3rd,  7:00pm,  "Paul's  Associates," Ch 2:19-2:30  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Thurs,  Oct.  10th,  7:00pm,  "Warnings  against  Judizers,"  Ch 3:1-4:1  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Thurs,  Oct.  17th,  7:00pm,  "Final  Exhortations,"  Ch 4:2-23  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Fri,  Oct.  18th,  6:30pm,  "Dinner  Party,"  -  TBA
Thurs,  Oct.  24th,  7:00pm,  "Introduction,"  Ch 1:1-14  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Thurs,  Oct.  31st,  7:00pm,  "Supremacy  of  Christ,"  Ch 1:15-23  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Sat,  Nov.  2nd,  12:00 noon,  "Fall Back Bash,"  Watch the Michigan vs. Maryland Game and Hang Out  -  Richardson's  Home
Thurs,  Nov.  7th,  7:00pm,  "Paul's  Labor  for  the  Church,"  Ch 1:24-2:7  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Thurs,  Nov.  14th,  7:00pm,  "Freedom,"  Ch 2:8-23  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Fri,  Nov.  15th,  6:30pm,  "Dinner  Party,"  -  TBA
Thurs,  Nov.  21st,  7:00pm,  "Holy  Living,"  Ch 3:1-4:6  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Thurs,  Dec.  5th,  7:00pm,  "Final  Greetings,"  Ch 4:7-18  -  Michigan  League,  1st  Floor,  Room 4
Fri,  Dec.  6th,  7:00pm,  "Christmas  Party,"  -  The  Richardson's  Home