EMU Winter/Spring Schedule

Tuesday  Evening  Bible  Study  of  various  Topics  at  8:00pm  in  the  Kiva  Room  of  the  Student  Center  unless  noted.
Friday and Saturday, Jan. 5 & 6, "Women's Retreat" - Hyden's Home in Grosse Ile
Tuesday, Jan. 9th, 8:00pm, "The Gospel" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Friday - Sunday, Jan. 12 - 14, "Men's Retreat" - Disher's Cabin up North
Tuesday, Jan. 16th, 8:00pm, "Quiet Time" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 8:00pm, "Holiness" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Friday, Jan. 26th, 6:30pm, "Dinner Party" - The Gubbini's Home
Tuesday, Jan. 30th, 8:00pm, "Authority of Scripture" - TBA
Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 8:00pm, "Getting the Word into Your Life # 1" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Feb. 13th, 8:00pm, "Getting the Word into Your Life # 2" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Feb. 20th, No Meeting, Winter Break
Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 8:00pm, "Prayer" - TBA
Tuesday, Mar. 6th, 8:00pm, "Lordship" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Mar. 13th, 8:00pm, "Faith" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Friday, Mar. 16th, 6:30pm, "Dinner Party" - TBA
Tuesday, Mar. 20th, 8:00pm, "Developing A Heart for Others" - 3rd  Floor  Room  301,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Mar. 27th, 8:00pm, "Forgiveness" - 3rd  Floor  Room  320,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Apr. 3rd, 8:00pm, "The Holy Spirit" - 3rd  Floor  Room  360,  Kiva Room,  Student  Center
Tuesday, Apr. 10th, 8:00pm, "The Tongue" - 3rd  Floor  Room  320,  Student  Center
Saturday, Apr. 14th, 11:30am, "End of the Year Luncheon" - Crossroads Community Baptist Church
Tuesday, Apr. 17th, 8:00pm, "Living for Eternity" - TBA