Winter Schedule:

Tuesday  Evenings,  Student  Center,   1st Floor  Room 104   (Unless  Noted)  7:00pm  -  8:30pm
Join  us  as  we   study   the  book  of  Mark  this  semester.
Tue,  Jan.  7th,  7:00pm,  "Introduction & Chapter 1,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room 104
Fri-Sat,  Jan.  10-11th,  "Women's  Retreat,"  -  Richardson's Home
Fri-Sun,  Jan.  10-12th,  "Men's  Retreat,"  -  Cross  Village  Up  North
Tue,  Jan.  14th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 2 & 3,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Jan.  21st,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 4,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Sat,  Jan.  25th,  noon  till  11:00pm "Disney Party,"  -  The  Richardson's  Home
Tue,  Jan.  28th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 5,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Feb.  4th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 6,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Feb.  11th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 7,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Fri,  Feb.  14th,  6:30pm,  "Valentine Banquet,"  -  Crossroads  Community,  Baptist  Church
Tue,  Feb.  18th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 8,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Fri,  Feb.  22nd  til,  Sat,  Mar.  1st  "Spring Break"
Tue,  Mar.  3rd,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 9,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Mar.  10th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 10,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Fri,  Mar.  13th,  6:30pm,  "Dinner Party,"  -  TBA
Tue,  Mar.  17th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 11,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Mar.  24th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 12,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Mar.  31st,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 13,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Fri,  Apr.  3rd,  6:30pm,  "Dinner Party,"  -  TBA
Tue,  Apr.  7th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 14,"  -  Student  Center,  1st  Floor,  Room  104  
Tue,  Apr.  14th,  7:00pm,  "Chapter 15 & 16,"  -  TBA
Sat,  Apr.  18th,  7:00pm,  "End of Year Luncheon,"  -  Crossroads  Community,  Baptist  Church