Spiritual Formation

How Do People Change?

There are several schools of thought in regards to how people change:

  1. Behavior modification – This is where you change the things, the activities you do (your behavior) and over time how you act and thus who you are changes. [Military boot camp]
  2. Cognitive restructuring – This is where you change your thinking which leads to a change in your behavior and ultimately who you are. [Counseling]
  3. Spiritual transformation – This is where the Holy Spirit does a work inside of you and thus you change and become a different person. [Metamorphosis]
  4. Community influence – A person or group rubs off on you and you become like they are. [People looking and talking alike who have been together for a length of time]

I believe real change comes about through a combination of these things and “spiritual formation” is really spiritual change whereby one becomes like Jesus.

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