Living a Balanced Life
Keys To Living A Balanced Life:
  • Learn to say “no.” Saying yes to something, generally means saying no to something else.
  • Take personal retreats to reflect, refresh, reconnect, and reintegrate.
  • Take time for God in your life. Create space for Him.
  • Work hard.
  • Be disciplined and have accountability in your life.
  • When working take breaks.
  • Pray over your schedule.
  • Live according to the God-given rhythms of life such as night / day, Sabbath rest, and eating.
  • Use technology appropriately vs. being controlled by it.
  • Learn your limits and live within boundaries.
  • Live with margin in your life.
  • Be led of the Holy Spirit.

A Process To Using Your Time Wisely
  • Develop a mission statement to help guide you and make decisions. Below is mine:
    • To love God and to love people. To love God by nurturing an ever deepening relationship with Him. To follow His will and live a life of obedience being sensitive to the prompting's of the Holy Spirit. To love people by first communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and then helping them grow in their faith to the point that they become mature, multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ who will impact the world for Christ. To serve them by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through the power of the Holy Spirit. To be a Godly husband and father who loves Emily as Christ loved the church and who loves and leads his family spiritually.
  • Set long and short term goals. Here are a few of my goals:
    • Finish my doctoral seminary degree.
    • Develop a comprehensive spiritual formation web site. (your reading it!)
    • Help my children become Godly men and women who love the Lord.
  • Develop action plans to reach your goals.
  • Start your day off with the Lord.
    • Have a daily Quiet Time and keep a journal.
  • Create a do list of important tasks that need doing.
  • Prioritize your do list.
  • Pray over your calendar and plan your times of work.
  • Periodically reevaluate how you are doing in following your mission statement and make corrections.
  • Get feedback from others. I seek input from:
    • My wife.
    • My men’s group.
    • Student oversight team.
    • My staff.